Contact us :
Tel.: +45 9684 0964

Sophiendal Gods:

The ceremony is at 15.00, after which everyone will proceed to Sophiendal Gods, where a photographer will take pictures of all our guests.
At 18.00 dinner will be served and the party has started.
A "midnight" snack will be served around 02.00.
For our guests staying at Sophiendal gods, breakfast will be served at ca. 9.30

Dress Code :
We have chosen it to be festive.
That means your nicest clothes are preferred, no jeans or rubber-shoes.

Church: (Information forthcomming).
Please bring your camera and take as many pictures as possible. We hope to get copies of them later on via CD-ROM.

Throwing rice is against the policy at Sophiendal Gods and are not permitted.
It is permitted and/or encouraged to throw rice at the church.

The toastmaster is Jesper's cousin.
All speaches and songs must be arranged with him. His e-mail: